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Blue Moves II - Vancouver BC
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Sponsor the Blue Moves II in the 2006 Vic-Maui race and help fight Multiple Sclerosis.
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It seems with age and responsibility,opportunities to experience life's true adventures retreat slowly over the horizon.
But don't we all continue to harbour a secret longing for those dreams - the thought that a life's true adventure is just around the corner? And we promise ourselves that we will grasp it with our heart and soul.

The Vic-Maui Race is just such a quest. Every two years since 1965, men and women with a sense of adventure and a desire to test their limits navigate the 2300 nautical miles between Victoria, BC and Maui, Hawaii. More than a 16-day voyage of discovery, for many it is an opportunity to overcome personal challenges, to test mental and physical limits, and to rekindle a belief in the importance of enriching one's life with extraordinary experiences and challenges.

On July 03, 2006. Marque Thompson and his crew of 7 will set sail aboard Blue Moves II in the 40th Vic-Maui Challenge. This voyage, where Marque and crew match wit and skill against nature, is not only a personal quest but a chance to honour those who are facing one of nature's cruelest challenges. Multiple Sclerosis is like an unforgiving storm-force gale, lashing a body with unforgiving force and exacting both mental and physical toll that seems endless.

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